A native Iowan, Dan has spent his entire working career as an artist.  After studying commercial art, Dan started his career as an Art Director at a Midwest agency.  He became a Senior Illustrator at a well know art studio that allowed him to work with many nationally known companies.    Danís niche as a technical illustrator has enabled him to work for clients such as Danbury Mint, Masterpieces Puzzles, Budweiser, Coors, Pizza Hut, AMC Theaters, Ducks Unlimited, Sears and many others.  In 1996, Dan began working on his own as a freelance artist and has enjoyed working from his home studio for the past 14 years.   In the late 1990s Dan became an Illustrator for the United States Air Force and has had the privilege of traveling to many bases around the world.

In Danís free time, he enjoys motorcycles, hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

Dan continues to live and work from his home studio in Waverly, Iowa.


  Client List Ė Commercial
1. Danbury Mint
2. U.S. Postal Service
3. U.S. Air Force
4. Masterpieces Puzzle Co
5. Coors, Budweiser, Miller Brewing
6. Pizza Hut
7. Ducks Unlimited
8. AMC Theaters
9. Sears
Architectural Clients
1. AHTS Architects
2. Lockard Development
3. Hubbell Development



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